Chicago White Sox Cuckoo Clock

For a Chicago White Sox™ fan, some of the best moments in life are those spent at Cellular Field, enjoying a day of baseball and cheering on the team. Now, bring home this cuckoo clock and you can cheer on your White Sox™ for every minute of every day!

Introducing the Chicago White Sox Cuckoo Clock, boasting a custom-design and officially licensed by Major League Baseball Properties. This outstanding cuckoo clock even offers a special thrill that’s sure to delight any MLB® fan.

Chicago White Sox Cuckoo Clock

Price:$199.95 US



This Chicago White Sox Cuckoo Clock is expertly handcrafted and hand-painted in the traditional White Soxblack, white and silver, making each clock truly unique; no two anywhere in the world are exactly alike.

A brilliant, full-color picture of the White Sox home field is showcased on the front of the clock, while the face proudly displays the White Sox logo and a silver-toned banner over the picture cheers “GO WHITE SOX!”

Chicago White Sox Tribute Wall Clock

Best of all, at the top of every hour a classic cuckoo bird, boasting his very own White Sox baseball cap, pops out of the doors at the top of the clock and chirps to announce the hour.

A precision quartz movement, decorative baseball bat-shaped hanging weights, and a swinging pendulum with the official White Sox logo add the perfect finishing touches.

Ideal for any MLB fan, this gorgeous wall clock is an outstanding baseball collectible that’s sure to be a home decor home run.

Measures 21″ H x 4″ D; 53.3 cm H x 10.2 cm D, including pendulum and weights.

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